Entire Home Build Project

White Horse Interiors and Renovations focuses on a refined approach to the design and transformation of spaces.

Our goal is to successfully integrate the interior architecture, the individual need for function and the visual decoration of the space. We achieve this goal through careful collaboration with the client, considerate communication of our experienced vision, and thoughtfully curated sources and artisans.

Our strength is in our expert knowledge base and years of practical experience – the value is in the results.

A New Beginning

White Horse Interiors and Renovations met Tracy and Etienne early on in their renovation process. They had blended their families a few years earlier and were experiencing a very common baby boomer situation – adult children moving out and a parent moving in. A new direction in careers for Tracy made them rethink their larger home – and a plan to move into her rental property was born. Of course, years of renting it made it clear – a renovation needed to be considered.

“Anne made the experience a pleasure. Her extensive knowledge of construction and her attention to detail helped create a sophisticated and comfortable home for us. She held my hand through the entire process – advising me on things I never even thought of. My home would have never turned out as wonderful as it has if it weren’t for her input. She knew about the mechanics as well as the aesthetics. Remodeling a home inside and out takes time and can be a very stressful exercise. There are a million details – a million choices – a million ways you can mess it up. Quality is Anne’s middle name – we realize now how important that aspect really is. We can honestly say, we love every detail of our new forever home. We have made a friend for life with Anne – one that will continue as we are now in the Interior Decoration portion of the project. She has an uncanny way of taking what is in your head and making it that much better. She is once again making it a fun and educational experience for us.”